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Fat Fast Masterclass 2.0 Do you want to fast with mental clarity & amazing energy? What you'll get: •  E-course material - What is it? Why to do it? Who should/shouldn't? How to? What to eat?   • 4-Weekly 1:1 follow-ups Q&A zoom meetings (all recordings will be available) The Exclusive 3-Month Healing Journal A goal without a plan is just a wish, while Consistency is the key to success. What you'll get: Measurement Page Weekly Planner Page  My Day Pages  In this journal there are only two Measurement Tracker pages. One at the beginning and one at the end. Why? Body positivity and weight loss aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s OK to give up the scale, especially if it’s not making you feel any healthier or better about yourself. There are many other ways to check in besides the scale, including your energy levels, measurements and how tight your clothes are fitting. By learning and relying on other signs, you may ultimately be able to ditch the scale. Each week I included a Weekly Planner page. This weekly page is a snapshot of your week at a glance. Will you be incorporating a fast such as a fat fast, a water fast, or even a dry fast? Are you working your macros around the moon phases? Will you be traveling? Is there a holiday? Do you need to attend a work event or family event? This helps to plan your week. I then created seven pages, one for each day of the week, called My Day. This is where you can track your daily macro goals, lunar phases, mood, water, earthing, sleep, activities, and your actual macros totals for the day, and an area for notes. By journaling this information it will assist in seeing what is working and what isn’t working. Tracking has been and still is a big key in my healing journey and it is my hope it will be for yours. 

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Coach Becky Niles

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